The Roque Road Wave sneaker for women is a comfortable, stylish and sporty sneaker that is perfect for all-day wear. Our team in Portugal crafted this sneaker with an eye for detail.

The Roque Road Wave sneaker is handmade with high quality calf leather and provided with a lightweight sole.

For the Roque Road Wave women’s sneaker we advice you to use a product suitable for leather.

The Oberon Nora is a women's sneaker made of high-quality leather, with a focus on detail and comfort. This sneaker is crafted in Portugal by our team of experts. The shoe features a chunky but lightweight sole for all-day comfort.

The Oberon Nora women's sneaker features premium leather and a chunky yet lightweight sole, blending style and comfort.

We advise you to take care of your Oberon Nora sneaker and only use a product suitable for leather.

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