When choosing the outfit for your little one, it is almost impossible to resist the cutest shoes, especially if they are also your personal favorites

Thankfully, NUBIKK's new spring/summer '24 collection offers a range of Mini-me styles, including sneakersloafers and boots, perfect for stylish mother-daughter or father-son duos.

Mini Me collection shoes for kids

As of 2021, Nubikk has expanded its collection to include sneakersboots and loafers for kids, offering the mini version of the adult version.

Handmade in Portugal, where we use high-quality materials to combine comfort with style. For example, the 
Jiro Mio JR loafer for kids. This loafer for kids is made of high-quality suede and features a rubber sole with extra grip.

All of our children's shoes feature lightweight soles, ensuring ultimate comfort for little feet.

Playful details for Nubikk's kids shoes

Make Mini Me style even more fun with Nubikk's yellow smiley accessory on the laces, easy to attach and remove. Sizes ranging from 23 to 35 ensure that even little ones can shine in style.

Practical tip for parents of young children: Nubikk's Basket Court JR sneakers come with elastic laces up to size 29, making putting on shoes easy.

Cool boots and dressy loafers

As well as comfortable kids sneakers, discover a range of casual boots and dressed loafers for kids. Popular choices like 
Jiro Mio JR loafer for kids and Jiro Suo JR loafers shine during special occasions such as weddings and family gatherings.

For colder days, the Jonah Rai JR boot for kids is a favorite. This iconic Chelsea boot is guaranteed to add flair to your everyday outfits.

White sneakers: timeless, fresh and indispensable

white sneaker for kids suits spring perfectly and actually looks good with any outfit.

With Nubikk's Vince Tora sneakers for kids in white, both mother and daughter and father and son are all set for upcoming season. Just prepare for compliments in advance!