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Nubikk women ankle boots

There is always room for a pair of ankle boots, no matter how full your shoe closet is. The right ankle boots will give your outfit that finishing touch, time and time again.

Ankle boots come in all sorts of different designs containing different colors, materials and shapes. Still, all these different designs have one common principle: ankle boots are accessible and therefore easy to combine.

But how to combine these accessible shoes in the right way?

Inspirational pairing of ankle boots:

  1. Ankle boots look cool under long and short skirts or dresses.

  2. Ankle boots give boyfriend jeans a 'girly' edge and look just a bit more chic than sneakers.

  3. Ankle boots are super cool to combine with bright colors.

  4. Finish it off with one of the Nubikk bags.

The semi-high shoes are for every type of woman. A more feminine type of woman is more likely to go for a classic ankle boot while a tougher type of woman is more likely to go for a rougher ankle boot like the city western boots.

Because of Nubikk's wide range of ankle boots, there is a suitable pair for every type of woman.

Women ankleboots

Within the collection of women's ankle boots you will find boots inspired by the city western look. But also ankle boots with a square toe are available at Nubikk. This 'square toe' shoe promises to become super hip next season.

The details incorporated into Nubikk's ankle boots are striking and on trend.

Comfortable shoes

Shoes from Nubikk are made of high-quality leather. They also have a lightweight sole and a cushioned and extra-thick insole. As a result, Nubikk shoes bring comfort and fashion together. Nubikk's collection of ankle boots also feature this comfort. This not only makes your ankle boots look super trendy, but also makes them walk wonderfully.

Discover our latest collection of women boots.