Find the perfect balance of style and comfort with our men’s espadrilles!
Nubikk understands the need for fashionable and comfortable footwear. Our collection of men’s espadrilles fits those needs perfectly.

Stylish men's espadrilles for every occasion

Our men’s espadrilles are designed with style and comfort in mind. With a variety of colors, you can easily find a pair that suits your personal taste. Nubikk espadrilles are perfect for a summer look or when you want to add a little casual chic to your everyday outfit. Check out our MR Sanchez collection for example.

Optimum wear comfort

Comfortable Nubikk values. That’s why our men’s espadrilles are exceptionally comfortable. It is made of classic jute and a suede lining. These classic loafers have a rubber base for plenty of grip. So you can fly all day effortlessly. Whether you are on holiday, strolling around the city or just relaxing on the porch in the sunshine. You can wear men’s espadrilles from Nubikk for all these occasions.

High quality materials

For us, quality is important. Our men’s espadrilles are made from high-quality materials, so they last a long time and look great. The upper is made from soft suede and the espadrille bottom is sturdy with plenty of grip. These shoes are designed to provide long-lasting comfort and style. Espadrilles are made with great care and skill. These are all made by hand in Spain.

Order your favorite espadrilles today
If you are looking for fashionable men’s espadrilles that are stylish and trendy, our men’s espadrilles are for you. Order your favorite pair today and step into summer with comfort in style.

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